Our Values

Raise Your Voice!

Project Say Something (PSS) strives to affirm and center Black lives through communal health programs, education resource programs, skill building workshops, and the practice of radical inclusivity. We do this by aiding in programs for holistic reproductive health, workshops on anti-discrimination and allyship training programs, as well as encouraging and affirming all Black voices, especially those of us who confront marginalization on various axes and intersection of our identity. In our work, we seek to create a world outside of racial supremacy as we work towards creating intentional transformative change in our society.

1. We reject patriarchy and misogynoir

We hold space for all women and femme identified people. PSS is an organization that promotes intersectionality and seeks to build a community that will allow women, femmes, and birthing people to thrive by providing them with resources which will allow them to divest from patriarchal spaces while dismantling oppressive systems.

2. We dismantle all forms of white supremacy

We reject racial capitalism and seek to confront white supremacy through active protest, direct action, and advocacy. Our mission is to demand that  political institutions be accountable by challenging politicians to denounce white nationalism and demanding the immediate removal of shrines to white supremacy. We demand justice and equity for all Black lives. That includes but is not limited to  equity for Black suffering from inequitable child-care services, and working towards environmental justice for Black residents.

3. We support the LGBTQIA plus community 

We will push for the visibility and equity owed to the LGBTQIA plus and will take measures to ensure that Black voices are neither silenced or marginalized. We believe in centering the experiences and leadership of the most marginalized Black people, including but not limited to those who are trans and queer, women and femmes, currently and formerly incarcerated, immigrants, disabled folks, the working class, and poor.

4. We believe in inclusivity and the power of coalition building.

Our goal is to build cohesive networks between organizations working towards equitable and inclusive change within the state of Alabama and across the country. Our organization fosters kinship, allyship training, and community care

5. We oppose ALL forms of oppression (locally, nationally, and internationally.) 

We demand the immediate end to all forms of oppression on a local, global, and international scale! We believed that until all of us are free, none of us are free! 

6. We believe in education. (Black history and critical race theory)

We believe that critical race theory should be understood and taught in every level of public education and that our youth should be equipped with the tools to understand oppressive systems from an early age. We support accessible education, the accurate and proper representation of Black history and the depictions of the African Diaspora within textbooks, and more equitable wages for both Black teachers and scholars. 

7. We center Black voices and Black leadership

PSS is an organization that is ethical and non-hierarchical in nature, but fosters a community that offers team-building skills and leadership training. We represent the freedom and agency of ALL Black voices as they work toward getting themselves free. 

We can no longer afford to remain silent.