Whose Monument? Project

We have been working to contextualize the Confederate monument that stands in in front of the Lauderdale County Courthouse since 2017. Join us as we advocate for the removal and relocation of this racist monument to the Soldier’s Rest portion of the Florence City Cemetery. One step toward dismantling racism is the removal of symbols that were erected in front of government buildings to intimidate Black citizens.

From the racist dedication speech delivered by Dr. H.A. Moody in 1903: “They [in the North] look upon a Negro as a white man with a colored skin and believe education to be the one thing needful. We of the South know better. No other people know him so well or love him so well, but nowhere here is he accorded social equality.”

We will not tolerate symbols of white supremacy in our city. Join us as we protest until it’s down. Follow our protest schedule on Facebook.