Dale Jackson

Conservative talk show host and political commentator known for his controversial political viewpoints and reactionary dog-whistling. Dale is a daily contributor to Yellowhammernews.com, he also hosts a weekly television program on WAAY-31, Yellowhammer News’ “Alabama Politics This Week”

Dale’s use of problematic rhetoric received pushback from the Huntsville, Alabama community when he invited Councilman Devyn Keith onto his Cumulus Media, WVNN AM radio talk show. During Dale’s podcast he and Keith proceeded to victim blame Kemontae Hobbs, a young black man who was brutalized and stomped on by Huntsville police by placing the onus on Black community to stop resisting arrest rather than on the police to stop harming us. 

At the end of the show Jackson felt comfortable enough to incorporate awkward humor and offered what seemed to be a “dare”? Dale smugly suggested a PSA to teach Blacks to “Stop Resisting”  in exchange for his public tasing? To add insult to injury, Councilman Keith ACCEPTED Dale’s challenge and when confronted by local activists doubled down on his statements in order to appeal to the white gaze of the Blue Lives Matter crowd and reinforce his own politics of respectability.

Dale Jackson is a right wing shock jock that weaponizes the white gaze, respectability politics, and thinly veiled white supremist talking points under the guise of personal responsibility to talk down to the Black community to pander to his conservative white audience. He should be ashamed.

Project Say Something demands he be held accountable for his role in building a platform at the expense of Black lives. There can be know reconciliation without justice.