Educating Allies

Garden Spices Magazine, January 4, 2020

Project Say Something: Educating Allies

“As an ally engaged in advocacy work centered around racial justice with Project Say Something, it is important to me that I not only provide a safe space to explore racial injustice, it is critical that I challenge white supremacist viewpoints and assumptions. I’ve come to understand that education is a mindset while working as an educator at historical sites and with community projects. Education is an openness to learning. An openness to change. A desire to understand, to empathize. While young learners are full of wonder and curiosity, do not see race as a controversial topic, and are quick to point out injustices, older students are much less open and much less willing to learn about race and racism. This reflects a failure of allies to challenge the system of white supremacy and encourage life-long learning based around critical inquiry. In short, we must do better so that young learners never stop questioning, never stop being curious, never stop addressing injustice.”  Brian Murphy

2 thoughts on “Educating Allies

  1. Will someone please start the process of claiming the Lauderdale County monument at the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama to place at the County Courthouse?

    1. Hi Katherine,
      We have reached out to the Equal Justice Initiative several times and have not heard a response. We will continue to reach out.
      Thank you,

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