Let’s Talk Honestly About Justice, July 12

Follow-up on Panel Discussion on Justice:

Citizen Joan Williams asked if there was a survey available to the community to assess the performance of the Florence Police Department.  Upon inquiry, PSS found that the survey for 2016 was circulated from January to March, is annual, and unavailable until next year. Officer Patterson assured that the best way to contact community officers for any concern or question is through their website:  http://www.florenceal.org/Contact_Directory/index.html

  1.  Scroll down to find the officer you wish to contact:
    Police: Administrative Division/Community Policing
    Florence Police Department
    702 S. Seminary St.
    Florence, AL 35630
    Phone: 256- 760-6500
    Dennis Patterson Sergeant 256-760-6577
    Ken Lester Lieutenant 256-760-6582
    Ricky Sharp Community Policing Officer 256-760-6585
    Ron Tyler Chief 256- 768-2737
  2. Each name  can be clicked to e-mail the officers.
  3. Sergeant Patterson assured that your call or e-mail will be returned.

Currently, PSS is talking with Chief Ron Tyler and District Attorney Connolly to determine how to implement a community coalition to interface with the department.  Upon meeting with the Police Department, we will readdress a community survey.  PSS is also meeting with UNA research department for local stats., which will enable the coalition to assess needs for the community.  #forward

7-11 forum 2

Panel Discussion held in city of Florence, AL following a controversial local case that points to racial disparities in jury selection and criminal sentencing.  Audience participant Vicky Kirkman sums up the outcome:

“…the Open Forum was Awesome….Results: Possible Community Diversity Council to work with Police and Justice System...More Education on Legal Process…and Push For Community Survey for Citizens to Share their experiences and Find ways to Eliminate Negative Experiences….(Headed in the Right Direction) !!!

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  1. Thanks to PSS for setting up the event and to Camille Bennett for moderating. There were a lot of questions answered but so many still unanswered. With time and more such events, they will get answered.

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